Unnamed Old Detroit arcade
Years active Unknown
Number of games 20-25?
Located U. S. A.
Status Unknown


RoboCop was a movie set in the future (released in 1987) in regards to a Detroit police officer named Alex Murphy who gets killed in the line of duty. He is then brought back as a part man, part machine police officer, programmed with objectives to stop crime. Two sequels followed, along with several television series (two of which were animated), comic books, video games, and a reboot of the original movie in 2014, having many elements changed (such as having Murphy live). A sequel to that reboot is tentatively scheduled for 2017.

In the first sequel of RoboCop 2 (released 1990), an early scene takes place in an arcade somewhere in Old Detroit. RoboCop is trying to flush out a fellow officer Duffy; meanwhile his partner Anne Lewis is attempting to apprehend two young gang members. After a brief struggle, the members get away, although one fires off an automatic weapon, causing all arcade patrons to scatter. RoboCop then catches and violently interrogates Duffy, forcing him to give out information as to the whereabouts of a crime leader known as Cain, who produces the addictive drug Nuke in mass quantities.

The arcadeEdit

The arcade has a snack bar, television set and vending machines. It also has a back room where arcade machines are possibly worked on (see Trivia). It appears to have mostly video games.

Known games, videoEdit

  • Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja
  • Midnight Resistance
  • Sly Spy
  • The Real Ghostbusters
  • Others


  • Slap Shot (2)
  • Others/possibly redemption machines


  • Before the apprehension of officer Duffy by RoboCop, he is hiding in a back room of the arcade. Several video games are present in the room.
  • Although the RoboCop movies were known for their socially biting satire (along with violent content), it would be severely doubtful that a line-up of arcade games that were several decades, if not literally over 100 years old, all made and/or distributed by one company, would still exist in a facility that wasn’t an arcade museum or preservation business. However, Data East, in real life, released two licensed RoboCop arcade video games, hence why most of the games in the arcade scene were either created or distributed by them.


This arcade was featured in December, 2015.

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