Unnamed Lanford bowling alley


Years active Unknown
Number of games 5-8
Located U. S. A.
Status Unknown


Roseanne was an American comedy about a blue-collar, middle-class family, the Conners, who lived in the fictional town of Lanford, Illinois. Roseanne and Dan were parents to Becky, D. J. and Darlene as they went through life’s various trials and tribulations. The show ran from 1988-1997.

In the "Lovers' Lane" episode, the Conners go bowling at an unnamed alley, which has a small arcade.

The arcade, known gamesEdit

  • Asteroids cab (fictional; see Trivia)
  • Mario Bros. cab (fictional)
  • Space (?) Enforcer (fictional)
  • Tempest


Most of the games have changed marquees, although the side and front art of the games make it obvious what the real games are, being Space Invaders (which its marquee title says something about an "Enforcer"), Asteroids and Mario Bros. Tempest appears to be unchanged.


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