Unnamed Detroit arcade
Years active Unknown
Number of games 10-20
Located U. S. A.
Status Unknown


Home Improvement was an American sitcom that was in regards to a handyman named Tim Taylor (played by Tim Allen), who had his own local cable show (in the Detroit, Michigan viewing area) called Tool Time. Even though he was well-versed in tools and the shop area, Taylor usually managed to screw up and cause damage, if not totally destroy various projects he was involved in. His partner on the show was the long-suffering Al Borland (Richard Karn). The rest of Home Improvement was balanced out with Taylor’s family life, which included his wife Jill (Patricia Richardson) and their sons Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), Mark (Taran Noah Smith) and Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan). The Taylors were also usually given advice by their genius next door neighbor Wilson Wilson, Jr. (Earl Hindman). The show ran from 1991-1999.

In "The Longest Day" episode, part of it took place in an unnamed arcade. Its games ran on quarters.

Known gamesEdit

  • Eagle or Moon Cresta (see Trivia)
  • Neo Geo cab
  • Showdown
  • Viper
  • Virtua Fighter
  • Massacre game of some sort


  • Hoop It Up (skill/redemption game)


Sound effects from either Eagle or Moon Cresta were heard at one point during the arcade scene, but no cab was shown.



  • The Longest Day entry at the Internet Movie DataBase
  • Watch episode at YouTube

This arcade was featured in September, 2016.

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