Tilt (Dallas Alley)
Dallas Alley 2

The Dallas Alley exterior.

Years active 198? - ?
Number of games Dozens?
Located U. S. A.
Status Closed


Originally constructed as a bakery, West End Marketplace was a multi-level collection of shops, entertainment places and bars, including at various times such attractions as Planet Hollywood, a movie theater, a food court, Starbase laser tag, an antique store, a small miniature golf course, and seven nightclubs.[1][2]

Tilt is a chain of arcade centers that can be found in malls across the United States.

Tilt at Dallas Alley was an arcade in the basement of the West End Marketplace at 603 Munger Avenue in downtown Dallas, Texas, across the street from the Spaghetti Warehouse. It was a flagship location for Nickels and Dimes and often received the latest and largest games that could be brought in.

The arcade received a major boost when one of the lower level nightclubs closed and the arcade expanded to take its place. A number of larger games were added at this time, along with a Thomson T14 simulator, which was inside a room in the center of the new space.

Known games, videoEdit

  • Daytona USA
  • Rail Chase
  • The Ocean Hunter
  • Virtua Tennis


  • Ehler's Star Gallery, a pirate-themed shooting gallery
  • Hoop Shot
  • Key Catcher
  • Skee-Ball



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