Tilt (Crestwood Plaza)
Tilt 132 50pct

A Tilt in Houston, Texas.

Years active 200? - 2010?
Number of games 40-60
Located U. S. A.
Status Closed


Crestwood Plaza was a shopping mall located at 109 Crestwood Plaza in Crestwood, Missouri that opened in 1957. It was the first major mall in the St. Louis area, having various stores, art galleries and studios. The mall would close in 2013, which its future is currently unknown.

Tilt is a chain of video arcades found inside various shopping malls in the United States, which are spread from California to New York. An Exhilarama arcade inside this mall would later be renamed as Tilt (see Trivia below). Its games ran on tokens.

Known games, videoEdit

  • The Grid (Eight player model)


  • Various/unknown


Exhilarama was a chain of entertainment-based businesses that usually housed laser tag arenas, rides and arcades. This arcade began as an Exhilarama, then was renamed Tilt, then eventually closed.

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