Sears (Memorial City Mall)

An entrance to the Sears at Memorial City Mall (2014).

Years active 1970s - 1981?
Number of games 5-10
Located U. S. A.
Status Closed


Memorial City is a mall that was built in Houston, Texas that opened for business in 1966. It has since grown to having over 140 stores and services over the years. The mall is located at 900 Gessner Road.

Sears started as a mail order company in 1893 in America; by 1925 it became a physical department store and has expanded to many stores in several other countries since.

The Sears in Memorial City Mall housed a small arcade. After several years, the Green's game room, located in the same wing as Sears, would open up, having the same games (such as Route 16) that was in this Sears arcade. It is assumed the person who ran this arcade opened up Green's.

The arcade/known gamesEdit

The games ran on quarters.

  • Asteroids (Midway)
  • Route 16
  • Several others


The arcade was very small and not advertised in any way, not even with a sign. Most local shoppers in general never knew it existed.