Sage (West Belt)
Years active 197? - 1979 (?)
Number of games 8-15
Located U. S. A.
Status Closed


Sage was a department store chain found in Austin and Houston, Texas. Pets, clothes, toys and school and bath supplies could be purchased at the stores, among other items.

The Houston store that was located at what was the Katy Freeway and West Belt back in the day (roughly in between the 1071 - 1081 block of what is now known as the West Sam Houston Parkway North) had an arcade.

The arcade/known gamesEdit

This location had a small arcade with several pinball and video games. The machines ran on quarters.

  • Breakout
  • Death Race
  • Stunt Cycle
  • Some pinball machine with the entire top of the playfield containing a row of drop targets (possibly El Dorado)
  • Several other video and pinball games

This arcade was featured in April, 2017.

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