Quiptar's II

A Quiptar's token.

Years active 1982/1983?
Number of games 10-15
Located U. S. A.
Status Closed


Memorial City is a mall that was built in Houston, Texas that opened for business in 1966. It has since grown to having over 140 stores and services over the years. The mall is located at 900 Gessner Road.

Quiptar's, located inside Memorial City, was possibly the largest arcade to ever reside inside the Mall, only equaled or surpassed in size by Fame City years later. Quiptar's II was a brief spin-off of Quiptar's, being a lot smaller and was open only a short time as compared to the original Quiptar's. Both game rooms shared the same tokens to play games with, however.

Quiptar’s II/known gamesEdit

  • Joust
  • Super Pac-Man


  • Due to its limited space, Quiptar's II only had video, rather than pinball games.
  • Quiptar's II was in good company with many other game rooms in the Mall during the arcade boom, as Quiptar's, Games, Games, Games, Celebrity Cafe, Green's and Games also existed at the same time. Unlike most of the other game rooms that suffered the same fate of going out of business when the video game crash of 1983-1984 hit, Quiptar's II closed its doors before the crash hit, being open for a very short time.

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