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Arcade Location Description Featured Photo
Shipleys Amusement Centre (Victoria Passage) Stourbridge, England Shipleys Amusement Centre was a chain of arcades located in England. This location was a small arcade. It's believed its games ran on pence. January, 2018 Placeholder
Malibu Grand Prix (West Loop 610 @ Old Katy Road) Houston, Texas Malibu Grand Prix was a chain of entertainment facilities situated in the United States where a typical business would have a race track for go-carts and an arcade. This complex had the usual race track and two arcades full of games (along with other features). Combined, the two game rooms had several dozen, if not 100 or more games that ran on tokens. February, 2018 Placeholder
Chinatown Fair Lower Manhattan, New York A legendary arcade that opened in 1944, which had been widely regarded as New York City's "last great arcade". It was known for its attractions of a dancing, then a tic-tac-toe playing chicken. It also switched its focus to competitive fighting games in the 1990s. March, 2018 Chinatown Fair storefront
Champions Lanes Houston, Texas Champions Lanes was a bowling alley located in west Houston, Texas. It had a few dozen lanes, along with a small arcade. April, 2018 Championsbowling
Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center New York, New York Chinatown Fair was an arcade that opened in 1944, operating as a penny arcade and small museum for many years before becoming a video game arcade in the 1970s. It closed in 2011, but reopened in 2012 under different management, along with being renamed as the Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center. May, 2018 Placeholder
Golden Fish Bar West Bromwich, England Although operating as a fish and chips shop, this restaurant actually had a large amount of arcade games, which are believed to have run on pence. June, 2018 Placeholder
Mr. Arcade Ottawa, Ontario This was a game room located at 526 Montreal Road in Ottawa, Ontario. It's believed the games ran on quarters. July, 2018 Placeholder

Arcade Location Description Featured Photo
Games 'R Us Houston, Texas A small arcade whose games ran on tokens, then quarters during the last few months in operation. The arcade could have had a dubious beginning, due to having several games with generic cabinets whose manufacturers didn't match the ones that actually made them (i. e. they might've been stolen). January, 2016 Placeholder
King Arthur Court Ottawa, Ontario An arcade whose games ran on tokens. February, 2016 Placeholder
White Bear Township 17 Theatre White Bear Township, Minnesota Part of the Muller Family Theatres movie chain, this one in particular has several video games and pinball machines in their lobby. They run on quarters. March, 2016 Whitebeartownship
Tilt (The Galleria) Houston, Texas The Galleria is a shopping center that has housed multiple shops and services of all sorts. It also had a Tilt arcade for several years. Once the Sgt. Singers Pizza Circus (a pizza restaurant with an animatronic show) was remodeled, it became part of the Tilt arcade chain. April, 2016 Galleriatilt
Video Paradise San Jose, California This arcade quickly rose to fame starting with its humble origins of only collecting one quarter on its first day of business to holding contests for Pole Position as well as one sponsored by Twin Galaxies. May, 2016 Placeholder
Noise Land Video Arcade Springfield The Simpsons is the longest running animated comedy series of all time, debuting in 1989 and is slated to continue until at least 2019. It is set in the fictional town of Springfield, which has a local arcade that was shown during several episodes, as well as the theatrically-released The Simpsons Movie. June, 2016 Noisearcadevip
Town and Country 6 Houston, Texas This was a movie theatre that originally showed first run movies, but then over the years changed into a later run dollar cinema before ultimately going out of business. It also originally had several games scattered around the lobby, which later became its own separate room after several years. July, 2016 Placeholder
Intencity (Erina Fair) Erina, New South Wales The Erina Fair is the largest non-metropolitan shopping centre in Australia. Intencity is a chain of video arcades owned by Village Roadshow Limited, with arcade locations in most states of Australia, including this one. August, 2016 Placeholder
Unnamed Detroit arcade Detroit, Michigan Home Improvement was an American sitcom that was in regards to a handyman named Tim Taylor who had his own local cable show called Tool Time. The rest of the show was balanced out with Taylor’s family life. In "The Longest Day" episode, part of it took place in an unnamed arcade. September, 2016 Homeimprovement3
Malibu Grand Prix (6115 Southwest Freeway) Houston, Texas Being a part of the Malibu Grand Prix entertainment chain, this location had the usual go-kart race track, miniature golf course, and an arcade full of games that ran on tokens. It was also known for its infamous quadruple murder in July, 1983, committed by one of its ex-employees. October, 2016 Placeholder
Empire Ottawa, Ontario An arcade whose games ran on tokens in the amount of four for a dollar. November, 2016 Placeholder
Jillian's Universal City, California Jillian's was a restaurant and entertainment chain with locations in the United States and Canada. Locations had restaurants, video games, bowling alleys, nightclubs, and conference rooms. Unfortunately in 2004, Jillian's Entertainment Holdings, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, leaving only one location left in business as of early 2017. December, 2016 Jilliansplaceholder
Celebrity Cafe Houston, Texas Memorial City is a mall that opened in 1966. It has since grown to having over 140 stores and services over the years. Originally starting off as an actual eatery, Celebrity Cafe became a large arcade later, housing dozens of video games that originally ran on tokens, then on a pay/play by the hour basis. January, 2017 Celebritycafe
Games Room Ottawa, Ontario An arcade whose games ran on tokens. February, 2017 Placeholder
Lone Star Arcade U. S. A.? Fictional game room where the online game Shadow Realms Arcade takes place. The arcade has seen better days, having discolored and missing ceiling tiles and a game controller. The games ran on gold and silver tokens and the arcade had a mystery that had to be solved. March, 2017 Lonestarthirdroom
Sage (West Belt) Houston, Texas Sage was a department store chain found in Austin and Houston, Texas. Pets, clothes, toys and school and bath supplies could be purchased at the stores, among other items. The Houston store at this location had a small arcade with games that ran on quarters. April, 2017 Placeholder
Intencity (1 Bay Street) Sydney, New South Wales Intencity is a chain of video arcades owned by Village Roadshow Limited. There is (/was?) one of their arcades. May, 2017 Placeholder
Chuck E. Cheese's U. S. A., Chile, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates Not a single arcade, but a chain whose concept involves a sit-down pizza restaurant, complemented by arcade games, amusement rides, an animatronic show, and other diversions, such as climbing equipment, tubes, and slides − all mainly directed at younger children. June, 2017 Chuckecheesewest
Fun*Plex Houston, Texas This complex (also known as Fun*Plex Entertainment Center) is a facility that has many entertainment features, such as a Playport area for children (a play area with slides, a ball pit and other activities), bowling, skating, go-karts, rides (indoors and out, such as a ferris wheel), special events/parties can be held, plus it also contains a food court and an arcade. July, 2017 Placeholder
Swing-A-Round Fun Town (Fenton) Fenton, Missouri Swing-A-Round Fun Town is a chain of entertainment facilities whose attractions include go karts, mini golf, bumper boats, batting cages and arcades, such as this location. August, 2017 Placeholder
Unnamed Lanford bowling alley Lanford, Illinois Roseanne was an American comedy about a blue-collar, middle-class family, the Conners, who lived in the fictional town of Lanford, Illinois. Roseanne and Dan were parents to Becky, D. J. and Darlene as they went through life’s various trials and tribulations. In the "Lovers' Lane" episode, the Conners go bowling at an unnamed alley, which has a small arcade. September, 2017 Loverslane2
Playland Amusements Wednesbury, England This is an arcade located at 22 Union Street. It's believed that its games run on pence. October, 2017 Placeholder
Joysticks Arcade Lounge and Retro Bar Orlando, Florida Located on the second floor at 69 East Pine, the Lounge has many nods to pop culture references within the establishment (Star Wars, The Goonies, Barbie, etc.) Along with hosting a singles night, karaoke, live bands and some seasonal events, the Lounge also has several dozen video, pinball and console games usually set on free play. November, 2017 Joysticks
Games, Games, Games Houston, Texas Memorial City is a mall that was built in Houston, Texas that opened for business in 1966. It has since grown to having over 140 stores and services over the years. Games, Games, Games was one of the many arcades found inside Memorial City. The games originally ran on quarters, then switched to tokens later. December, 2017 Gamesgamesgames

Arcade Location Description Featured Photo
Bailey's Video Arcade River City Joysticks was an American comedy about a fictitious game room that a local businessman deemed immoral and wanted it closed down. The games ran on tokens, along with private parties and gaming tournaments being held there, as well as freebies being offered at its concession stand. This is the game room that the movie was based on. November, 2014 Joysticksinsidearcade
Imperial Arcade Ottawa, Ontario An arcade whose games ran on tokens. December, 2014 Imperialarcade
Tilt (Pecanland Mall) Monroe, Louisiana Pecanland Mall is an enclosed shopping mall, containing over 100 specialty shops. The Mall had a Tilt storefront, which, being part of the Tilt chain, was an arcade whose games ran on tokens and quarters. January, 2015 Placeholder
Jason's Game Room Houston, Texas An arcade whose games ran on tokens. It was founded by two ex-police officers. February, 2015 Placeholder
Westworld Electronic Amusement Center (Glenlawn) California Gimmie a Break! was an American situation comedy that was in regards to a police chief named Carl Kanisky raising his three daughters – Katie, Julie and Samantha – after his wife had died. Assisting the family was their wise-cracking housekeeper Nellie Ruth Harper. This was a fictional arcade featured in the "Julie's First Love" episode of the show. March, 2015 Westworldfront
Exhilarama (Crestwood Plaza) Crestwood, Missouri An arcade at the Crestwood Plaza Mall (which was the first major mall in the St. Louis area) that was part of the Exhilarama chain, which its locations usually also had kiddie rides, a prize redemption area, party facilities/an eatery area and laser tag. Its games ran on tokens. April, 2015 Exhilarama
Majestic Arcade City of Wolverhampton, Bilston An arcade whose games ran on pence. May, 2015 Placeholder
Pizza Planet (Richmond) Richmond, California Toy Story is a series of all-CGI films in regards to the secret lives that all toys have, specifically the toys owned by a California boy named Andy Davis. In the original Toy Story, there are a few scenes that take place at this fictional sci-fi themed entertainment restaurant. June, 2015 Pizza Planet
Quiptar's Houston, Texas THE largest arcade ever in Memorial City Mall, having dozens of games that ran on 12 tokens for a dollar! July, 2015 Quiptars
Rideau Arcade Ottawa, Ontario A game room whose machines ran on tokens. August, 2015 Placeholder
University game room California The Greatest American Hero was an American television comedy in regards to Ralph Hinkley, who is visited by aliens and is given a suit that bestow him super powers. He is joined by FBI agent Bill Maxwell and girlfriend (and later wife) Pam Davidson to help solve crimes. This is a fictional arcade shown during the "Wizards and Warlocks" episode of the show. September, 2015 Gaharcade3
Intencity (163 Brisbane Street) Launceston, Tasmania Intencity is a chain of arcades located in Australia. This location is a part of the Village Cinema complex. October, 2015 Placeholder
Daviles Arcade Birmingham, West Midlands A game room that took up two floors that held video game tournaments. November, 2015 Placeholder
Ground Zero Old Detroit, Michigan RoboCop was a movie set in the future (released in 1987) in regards to a police officer named Alex Murphy who gets killed in the line of duty. He is then brought back as a part man, part machine police officer. With its first sequel (RoboCop 2, 1990), an early scene took place in an arcade. December, 2015 Robocop2