Kroger (2300 Gessner Rd.)

The Kroger store in 2014.

Years active 198? - 1988?
Number of games 3
Located U. S. A.
Status Closed


Kroger is a chain of grocery stores that was founded in America in 1883. It is currently the country's second largest retailer and the largest grocery retailer.

The Kroger at 2300 Gessner Road in Houston, Texas had several video games for a few years in the 1980s, along with redemption machines (see Trivia). They ran on quarters.

Known gamesEdit

  • Centipede
  • Defender
  • Xenophobe
  • Ultimate Bean Bag Shoppe (prize machine)


This Kroger is actually still open as of late 2017 (along with opening in what is believed to be sometime in the 1970s). The location quit carrying video games sometime in the late 1980s, although a lone Ultimate Bean Bag Shoppe prize machine still remains to this day.