Intencity (Erina Fair)
Years active 199?/200?-Present
Number of games ?
Located Australia
Status Active


Originally opening as the Central Coast Fair in 1987, what would later be renamed as the Erina Fair is a major shopping center located in Erina on Terrigal Drive on the Central Coast of New South Wales. It became the largest non-metropolitan shopping centre in Australia and the largest single-story shopping center in the Southern Hemisphere, containing over 330 stores, 113,500m² of gross lettable area, and 12.7 million customers per annum.

Intencity is a chain of video arcades owned by Australian company Village Roadshow Limited, with arcade locations in most states of Australia. The arcades have various video, ticket and prize games and/or air hockey tables. Various party packages are also available for purchase.

There is an Intencity arcade located at the Erina Fair.

Known games, videoEdit

  • Big Buck Hunter
  • Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
  • Daytona USA
  • Daytona USA 2: Battle On the Edge
  • Final Furlong 2
  • Ghost Squad
  • Initial D V.4
  • Manx TT Superbike Twin
  • Maxi Tune 5
  • NASCAR Racing
  • Point Blank
  • Time Crisis 4
  • Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3
  • Wheel of Fortune


  • Deal or No Deal (redemption)
  • Star Wars Episode 1 (pinball)

This arcade was featured in August, 2016.

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