Exhilarama banner.

Years active 1993 (?) -200?
Definition Entertainment company
Located U. S. A.
Status Defunct

Background Edit

Exhilarama was a brand of Edison Brothers Mall Entertainment (EBME), a unit of Edison Brothers Stores. EBS was at the time a mall retail powerhouse fielding multiple stores in each mall, such as J. Riggings, 5-7-9, Foxmoor, and many other shoe shops and apparel stores.

EBME had acquired mall arcade chains Time-Out and Spaceport, and anticipated a demand for larger entertainment facilities (indoor Family Entertainment Centers) in or near malls. The Exhilarama concept included arcade, Midway games, virtual reality (Virtuality), a snack bar, party facilities, laser tag, prize redemption centers and flat rides.

A history of EBME is part of Mike Current's Atari History pages.

Locations Edit

All locations were in the United States.


St. LouisEdit

New JerseyEdit


North CarolinaEdit



Houston Edit


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